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Center for Slavic, Eurasian and East European Studies

Mission Statement

CSEEES is devoted to promoting coursework, comparative research, teacher training, and graduate student and undergraduate student training in the social sciences and humanities associated with Russia, the former Soviet Union, Eastern and Central Europe, and Eurasia. Faculty associated with CSEEES offer over 350 courses each year in a broad range of disciplines, including history, economics, cultural anthropology, political science, literature, linguistics and languages. As a Title VI center, CSEEES works closely with its counterpart at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Summary of 2019-2020 Programs

During 2019-2020 SEELRC (1) published online 137 instructional and testing materials, including improvements to Polish Language and Culture Through Film, development of Hindi teaching materials, Armenian Reference Grammar, updates/supplements to the Russian Grammatical Dictionary, and many other instructional materials; (2) attracted almost 40,000 unique users to SEELRC websites; (3) published 4 peer-reviewed scholarly articles in SEELRC’s online journal Glossos as well as 23 conference and workshop presentations; (4) administered Russian language proficiency testing to 24 Duke language students; (5) hosted 4 institutes and workshops; and (6) collaborated with minority serving institutions and K-12 public schools and other partners to conduct 3 workshops and other programs. 

2019-2020 Notable Programs

Certificates & Degrees

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