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Center for Slavic, Eurasian and East European Studies

Mission Statement

CSEEES is devoted to promoting coursework, comparative research, teacher training, and graduate student and undergraduate student training in the social sciences and humanities associated with Russia, the former Soviet Union, Eastern and Central Europe, and Eurasia. Faculty associated with CSEEES offer over 350 courses each year in a broad range of disciplines, including history, economics, cultural anthropology, political science, literature, linguistics and languages. As a Title VI center, CSEEES works closely with its counterpart at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Summary of 2020-2021 Programs

During 2020 – 2021 SEELRC published 1232 distinct exercises and modules online, representing 5 languages and 8 projects. We have 4 computer-based, ongoing interactive projects that are unique to SEELRC and include:

(1) Culture and Language through Film,

(2) Russian Grammatical Dictionary with sound files for all entries,

(3) 16 reference grammars(LCTLs with interconnections across grammars and topics) and webliographies (mainly LCTLs),

(4) ScribeZone (4 languages).

Distinct exercises and modules from 2020-21 include:

(1) Technical code improvements to Russian Language and Culture through Film (Polish, Russian);

(2) Hindi teaching materials — Addition of 71 multimedia clips, 112 original imagines (with rare materials of Nawabi culture, Lucknow City, India), 55 learner exercises/activities, and extensive cultural notes in process;

(3) 300+ updates/additions to the Russian Grammatical Dictionary;

(4) Vishnevskaya multi-media courses for advanced students–2 documentary films, 10 clips, 62 sets of exercises; Scribezone interface;

(5) Likhachev multi-media courses for advanced students–8 films, 42 clips, 290+ computer-graded exercises, 40 Additional discussion topics;

(6) Russian Culture Cartoons—10 different classic cartoons, 60 video clips, 170+ computer graded and narrative exercises;

(7) Dumi reference grammar (forthcoming). In projects (4)-(6), each clip has a full transcript and select vocabulary for advanced B1-C1 learners;

(8) Proficiency Testing Training for Faculty;

(9) ScribeZone materials for Chinese, Polish, Russian, Spanish with classroom beta testing.

2020-2021 Notable Programs

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